Often these days it seems that we are surrounded by bad news. Astounding, audacious and horrible news. People behaving very badly.

Our natural responses are anger, despair, frustration and a whole plethora of other emotions that feel wretched.

We can come to believe that the world is in a terrible place and there is nothing we can do about it. We can feel hopeless.

Hopeless is not a good place to be. It is also not a natural place to be.  It’s actually a pretty primitive place in our brain.

You do not have to live there. It’s completely optional.

What are some other options, you ask? So glad you did.

Go create some kindness. Seriously. Conjure up a little love and force yourself to do something kind for someone else. Maybe a friend, maybe a stranger. You know, perform random acts of kindness – several of them.

Watch what happens.

That space in your heart just opened up, didn’t it?

You just created a little world that is kind and loving and good. You created good. You do have power. It is not hopeless.

Feed it. Perhaps these worlds are like bubbles, and they will join together to create a bigger one.

I believe that if we want things to be better, it is our responsibility to sow many of these small bubble-seeds. Right where we are.

Isn’t it awesome that random kindness is so frickin’ fun?

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!



p.s. If this blog sounded just a tad preachy, I acknowledge that. I’m tapping into my seminary roots a bit lately.


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