Violet Thinking. Now.

This is a time of transition. Obviously. Especially significant this year, don’t you agree? We are all hoping for big, sweeping, healing changes as we transition out of 2020 and we have high hopes for 2021. We crave transformation, not just transition.

Change can’t come fast enough – we don’t want to be stuck in transition. We’ve had enough of this waiting, this holding pattern, this being stuck in the muck. We want to get through this and move on!

We need violet thinking. Obviously.

Violet is the color of transitions and transformation. Violet thinking helps us take charge so that we can create movement and momentum.

Here’s the part where I usually give you some color thinking questions. For violet, I want to change it up a little. Here are a few trans words, their definitions and a sample violet question for inspiration to create your own questions, your own alchemy. Obviously.

  • Transmute – to change from one form to another, to create something new out of the old. What one thing can I take forward in a new way?
  • Translate – to express into another language, to create understanding. Who can I be, how can I see differently so that I can understand more deeply?
  • Transcend – to go beyond the previous limits, to create new expectations. What if I stop saying I can’t or I don’t want to or any other limiting phrase I’ve been using? What if I start asking “How can I?”
  • Transmogrify – to transform in a surprising or magical manner, create with humor. How can I use humor and magic to pull me out of the quicksand?
  • Transport – to move to another place or time, to create movement. What would transport me to a different emotional or mental experience? What emotions or thoughts can transport me?

I hope you noticed that creating is a part of all of these? Every transition is an opportunity to be creative, to purposefully make, be or do something original. Is this obvious?

I’m feeling a strong craving to set aside a time to be creative and see what answers emerge in the process!

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



I have created a short online course How to Choose a Color to Work With Right Now (yep, that’s the link) that explains the messages of 16 important colors. It’s on sale for $29 through early January.

BTW, there are more violet questions in the appendix of The Rainbow Onion book. Obviously.

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