Turquoise Thinking

I decided to start a short series on my color thinking model, because I find it to be such a simple yet powerful way to open up our brain to work with other parts of our being. Last week, I talked about orange thinking, and how that helps us to get out of black or white (or binary) thinking.

You may not be stuck in binary thinking, because, well, that whole there’s no one size fits all thing.

What if you are one of those people who separates your intellect from your emotion?  Do you ever find yourself saying things like…

I’m torn between what is logical and what feels right

My heart tells me one thing, but my head tells me another.

There’s the smart thing to do, then there’s the fun thing to do (or loving or generous or some other enticing emotion)

I can’t reconcile what I know I should do with what I want to do.

Yes? That means it’s time for turquoise thinking.

Turquoise thinking requires your individuality, individuation and creativity. Turquoise thinking is blending the things that your heart knows with the things that your brain tells you – in your own unique way to come up with your own truth. Turquoise thinking happens when you blend your intellect and logic with your love and heart,  like blending blue and green pigments together to come up with just the right shade of turquoise.

Turquoise thinking is inherently creative. Turquoise thinking actually happens in your brain (of course) but involves your high heart. It’s how you find your voice.

So when you think you’re torn between your head and your heart, look for the creative solution that blends your own turquoise thinking. It’s in you!

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!




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