There are signs all around you

I’ve learned so much about signs in the last few months. I thought I had been paying attention to signs pretty well, but I learned that I needed to take it up at least a notch.

I learned that signs can be loud and obvious. These are the ones that we expect. We kind of expect signs to show up as a neon sign, the blaring horn, the booming voice. I definitely had a few of those, most notably on the island of Kona in October, when I got slapped upside the head and told to get off my ass and get started writing my next book. To be fair, I was then wrapped in laughing angel wings (which smell like baking bread) and hugged.

I learned that signs can be very subtle. We often walk right by these. They can be a feather, a color showing up frequently, a word, a song, a person – anything that is meaningful to you. In my family butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies are meaningful. Who am I kidding? We can make anything a sign!

I learned that signs can be challenging. I learned that when I make a decision or set out with intention, I will often be presented with a sign – some kind of obstacle. I learned that I don’t have to interpret it to mean that I am on the wrong track, but instead as a reminder that I have something in me that needs to be adjusted to get in alignment with my new direction.

I learned that you can get signs about signs. These are wonderful little reminders about where to place your attention. I’m not a cloud person, but I had signs telling me to pay attention to clouds for awhile this fall. So I did, and the clouds were full of signs, leading me along my direction.

I learned that signs are very personal. They are not often universal. You are the only one who can really interpret what they mean for you.

And I learned that’s what signs are all about – finding the meaning in all that surrounds you. Reminding us that there is meaning. It isn’t random. There is purpose. I have purpose; so do you.

I learned that the more we focus on signs, the more signs we see. It’s almost like they’ve been there all along and we just weren’t noticing. Or looking.

So as you are dreaming and thinking about your dream, look for your signs!

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie

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