The colors are changing – explained

I wrote a new book.

That’s what “the colors are changing” means, because it’s about Color Thinking, and how to use it for personal enrichment, development, transformation and fun.

I’ve explained in previous blog posts that color is a language that allows us to tap into places in ourselves that are beyond words. Colors have universal, cultural, personal and spiritual meanings. We can use color to open ourselves up and change the way we think in a way that transcends words.

The title of the book is The Rainbow Onion. Um, why?

Life, life coaching and any kind of transformation are like onions. Just when you think you’ve mastered something, another layer appears. And every time you peel down to a new layer, the next layer is fresh and intense. Very often, there are tears, just because of the intensity of the experience.

Rainbows appear when the sun (light) comes out after the cleansing rain (like tears). Rainbows include all the colors, so rainbows are a sign of diversity and acceptance. Rainbows symbolize the promise of hope and trust. Rainbows are a sign of transformation.

Throughout time groups of people have chosen rainbows as their symbols precisely because of everything that the spectrum of colors represents. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, rainbows represent God’s promise. In the 1960s a rainbow flag stood for world peace. Today it is a symbol of acceptance and pride for the LGBTQ+ community. This spring during the Covid-19 lockdown it has been adopted as a symbol that everything will be alright.

Onions make almost anything taste better.

I chose the name “Rainbow Onion” for the title of the book for all of the above reasons.

I did not write this book as a quarantine productivity project. In fact, the first draft was ready in January. I mentioned last week that I have been pretty much underfunctional during the stay at home times.

Nevertheless, I have plodded through the next stages – with the help of a few wonderful people – because this is my life’s work. I just know it. I’ve been told repeatedly by someone very close to me (okay, he’s an angel). So I kept going with “surety,” which is my word for 2020. That’s pretty ironic, right? Oh well.

The Rainbow Onion will be launched and published at the end of July. I’m going to need a book launch team. If you’re interested in finding out more, let me know.

I want this post to be more than just a shameless plug for my new book, and I was feeling a bit guilty about writing this post. Um, hello, guilt is a toxin, so wtf, Maggie? Why wouldn’t I be proud and excited to share news about something that feels so amazing as a “life’s work?”

Layers. There’s always another one. That’s the truth. We are onions!

So next, I’m going to go create a mini-course to work with Yellow thinking, because I think we all could use a little joy to counteract the effects of all this fear and anxiety. I’ll joyfully let you know when it’s ready!

In the meantime, remember these things:

You are loved. Let’s all be kind.

And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie


  1. Dan Heaney May 15, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Interested in colour theory it’s my passion in art


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