sometimes the journey is…

Sometimes your journey takes you unexpected places.

Sometimes you’re moving forward confidently in the direction you’ve planned.

Sometimes you end up circling around a boulder, an obstacle too large to move so all you can do is wind your way around it.

Sometimes you find yourself in a field of boulders that turn into hills that turn into steep cliffs and you find you’re on a narrow, circuitous and precarious route.

Sometimes you lose your way, or forget where you were going.

Sometimes you decide to cross the water, and you forge your way across, keeping your back tall against the current.

Sometimes you start to cross the water but decide you’d rather just float downstream for a bit.

Sometimes you find yourself climbing uphill, and all you can do is close your eyes, trudge on one step at a time until you make it to the crest.

Sometimes you race downhill, your feet moving faster than you can control and just hoping you don’t trip and fall.

Sometimes there are so many forks in the path – so many choices to make – that you are sure you will be lost forever.

Sometimes you find yourself right back where you started and you don’t have any idea how that happened.

Sometimes you choose to go back home, so that you can lick your wounds and recover.

Sometimes you skip through a wide open meadow, no need of a path because there’s the sun! and flowers! and the trees over there!

Sometimes, somehow, you end up back on your the original path, trying to remember why you took all those detours along the way but happy for all of the experiences. That’s me today, on the day that I write this.

No one’s journey is simple. Or boring.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie


p.s. The colors are changing. Winter is not coming, the onion is.

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