Resting into a transition

I pulled an Oracle Card to help me to see what kind of energy I was in today. I got a card that dealt with completion, endings, and letting go. It reminded me that when I finish one thing, I don’t have to rush to start another. It’s okay to be in a time of transition for a while.

That’s a perfect message for me right now, and maybe for all of us.

We just completed the sale of my mom’s home. Today. The final papers and checks came. My mom has been gone for more than ten years. We had reasons to hang onto her place, but I wasn’t ever happy about it. My mom loved it. She loved the view of the meadow out her window. She loved having a snug, comfy place that was just hers. After she was gone, I hated it because she wasn’t there anymore. I wanted someone else to love it, someone that I didn’t know. (Not to mention that it’s in an over-55 community with the stereotypical HOA,  bored busybodies, and renter BS, so it was always a thorn in my side.) For Thanksgiving, my family went to Sedona. While we were there, we hiked up to one of my mom’s favorite places. I knew that the sale would be closing in a couple of days. I surprised myself by having a meltdown on the hike back down. It really is a bittersweet ending, and I can let go. It’s still sinking in, but I can feel it. And I’ll slide into a time of transition, while I process it all.

For folks who celebrate Christmas it’s the beginning of Advent, the season of waiting, of being in a state of transition for several weeks!

We’re also coming to the end of 2023. Some of us will be rushing towards December 31 with a flurry of activities, whether business, holiday, social, religious, or other. Some of us will be celebrating, some remembering, observing, mourning.

For folks in the wine industry in the northern hemisphere (my industry) we are completing the harvest, sitting in the in-between time before the next growing season begins.

Animals are hibernating. Many plants and trees are dormant. All around us, nature is reminding us that when we finish one thing, we don’t have to rush on to the next. Transition is gradual. It gives us time to adjust to changes. We can rest in a time of transition.

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love, and light in the pages,


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