Red thinking is so very grounding

Last week I said I wanted to talk about red thinking, because we’re kind of in the ordinary in-between time of the year, a great time to be more grounded.

When does red thinking come in handy? It’s vital when you feel like you flying away, out of control, but also when you find yourself feeling too angry, resentful, threatened, trapped in survival mode (thus overly focused on materialistic stuff), feel like you have no power or safety or security. It’s helpful when you that you are not grounded in your truth, or cannot believe the truth that you are safe and secure right now.

My favorite way to describe what’s going on when you need red thinking is that your inner drama queen has pitched a tent and is full-on glamping in your survival brain. Can you hear her? Everything she says is loud and dramatic. Everything is exaggerated, over the top, a life and death matter – she’s a teenager. If you stand back and listen to her, you have to hold your laugh way inside your face.

That’s my favorite because you can get some distance, some perspective – which always opens us up for more groundedness.

In preparation for red thinking, you put your feet solidly on the ground and imagine that you have roots, that you are planted here on earth. Like a redwood tree, you have a taproot that grows down deep into the earth, pulling energy and nutrients back up into your body and your soul. Then you focus on the red questions that you want to pursue.

Some red questions are: How can I feel safe right now? Who is my tribe? What is the source of my energy? How can I tap into my source energy? What lights me up inside? How do I love o shine my light? Who would I be if I weren’t limited? What grounds me? What doesn’t? How can I balance them so that I am grounded and secure?

Red thinking is about your energy, passion, life-force. It is awakening thinking. Red thinking can bring courage, strength and the energy of a tribe. Have a beet salad and ask yourself some red thinking questions!

Of course, red is a color associated with love, and with Valentine’s Day. Happy Red Thinking Day!

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,


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