Color Thinking Spa Treatment: Replenish & Recover



Let’s face it. 2020 has been…quite the year. Seems like 5 years.

It’s time for some R&R&R – relief, replenishment & recovery.  This program is like a spa treatment for your spirit.

Feel the “ahhh” as you get some immediate relief with color breathing.

Then get some specific Color Thinking Treatments, the mental equivalent of deep tissue massage, to:

  • work out the knots from living in a prolonged state of stress, anxiety and hypervigilance
  • go deeper to learn how to manage anxiety and overwhelm
  • replenish your inner resources, take control and be yourself again

Finally, you create your own Color Thinking spa menu / toolkit so you can give yourself relief, interrupt the pattern when something happens again so that you don’t spiral back and dozens of ways to use color and Color Thinking to support you every step of your journey into 2021!

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