Color Thinking Boot Camp – Anxiety Edition



Are you exhausted by hiding from your anxiety?

Most people would be shocked to hear you say that you are feeling the anxiousness of the times because you seem to be holding it all together. But you’re feeling the wear and tear on the inside. Your deep reserves are going away. They’ve been used up, and the old ways of coping just aren’t working. You’re strategic enough to see what’s coming. More…and there isn’t a finish line in sight. Deep down you know that you need a different way to do it. All of it. You can’t keep doing things the same way.

Guess what? There is a new way. Color Thinking.

In this program you will learn:
• The real impacts of living in the prolonged state of stress, anxiety and hypervigilance that is the world today
• What Color Thinking is and how you can use it to go deep, manage anxiety and overwhelm, take control and be yourself again
• Tools to feel immediate relief so that you can replenish your inner resources, focus on moving forward and actually make progress
• How you can use your own story to coach yourself when you need relief, and to interrupt the pattern when something happens again so that you don’t spiral back
• Dozens of ways to use color and Color Thinking to support you every step of your journey

It’s bootcamp! Of course there are exercises and work!

Join Maggie if you are ready to use Color Thinking to replenish your inner resources so that you can feel like yourself again, no matter what the world throws at you!

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