what’s the narrator saying now?

You know how when you start thinking about something (such as buying a certain kind of shoe or car or sunglasses) and suddenly you see them everywhere? As if the universe is acting like Alexa and spying on you so she can drop reminders and ads into your feed…I mean, into your awareness?

That’s what happened to me after I wrote last week’s blog on listening to the narrator inside our mind.  I kept noticing instances and references and stories about the narrator.

First, there are the heartbreaking stories. These are the ones where the narrator is constantly reminding the star how s/he isn’t enough. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not fit enough, not busy enough, not doing enough, not giving enough, not working enough…and on and on. All day long. Not enough. It’s heartbreaking because we barely even notice, and we often believe it.

And on top of not being enough, the narrator also reminds us of the many ways that we are broken and need fixing. Oh, there are so many things that are wrong with us. We’re a continuous repair project, a DIY show, a money-pit.

Ah – that’s the other truly heartbreaking piece of this story. It’s not just the narrator, there’s a whole frickin’ chorus telling us what’s broken about us. Wait, it’s bigger than that – there are whole industries out there – many of them – reminding us of the many ways that we are broken. They spend a lot of money to make sure that we know we’re broken and to sell us the fixes that we absolutely must buy from them if we want to have any chance of being…what, normal? Healthy? Happy? Fit? Fashionable? Loved? Worthy?

I don’t want to add any stress by saying that we need to live on high alert and guard against those voices and messages.

I would like to throw in another voice for you to listen to whenever you notice that the yucky messages are getting into your mind and under your skin. That voice just sings you a lullaby to whatever tune you want to hear. The words go something like this:  “You are enough. You are perfectly imperfect. You matter. You are good. You love and are deeply loved.”

If you feel like sharing those messages with others when they need to hear them, that would be a truly lovely thing to do. Maybe you could teach the song to your narrator, too.

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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