Magenta Thinking

Here’s another hue in the color thinking series.

I was riding with some friends back from a rehearsal through Marin. We were driving from San Anselmo to San Rafael on Fourth Street, past a pretty green section of roadway. Suddenly, there was this burst of the most amazing magenta bougainvillea – this flaming strand against a stand of green trees. This one very specific detail broke through everything else that was going on around me – the clutter of scenery, the traffic, even the conversation – and grabbed all of my attention.

That one detail completely broke through and changed my perspective.

Sometimes we need to just stop with the big picture and pay attention to details, maybe just grab one detail and pull on it until it unravels the knot in our brain that is overwhelming us.

I call it Magenta Thinking.

Magenta is grace, it’s love, it’s detail. It’s a change in focus and perspective. Magenta is the “squirrel” to your dog brain!

If you missed it, read the blog Love really is in the little things. It’s the story of how a trip to Morocco really changed my perspective. I used to say that I wasn’t a detail person. I can’t say that anymore. I don’t obsess about the details, but I pay attention.

I pay attention to the details because LOVE is in the little things, in the details.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe you need some Magenta Thinking. Change your perspective. Take a break and think small. Pay attention to the details, especially those outside of you.

The iridescent throat of a hummingbird. The strength of a child’s grip. Your completely unique fingerprint.

Pay attention to the details about other people. Think about a small example of grace, feel the gratitude.

Then make one small decision. That’s a start. That’s how you conquer overwhelm. One detail at a time. Adding love can only help. That’s Magenta Thinking.

Stop and smell the magenta roses – or see the bougainvillea.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!



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