About Maggie

About Maggie

Maggie Huffman is the founder of The Rainbow Onion and Color Thinking. She is an author, coach, and singer. She’s also a consultant in the wine industry. Her several previous careers make a colorful patchwork quilt of experiences. She’ll readily pull from any of them to make a point, help a client, or mix a metaphor.

Maggie lives in Sonoma, California (hey, someone has to do it!), where if she isn’t working or playing in the aforementioned arenas, she’s filling in the spaces with other random interests. She is (literally) surrounded by her German Shepherd, Nic, and her two cats, Bimfee and Puppy.

Maggie’s favorite color is any shade of purple. She stubbornly believes that life is good, and that reconciliation and healing are pretty much the same thing.

Her bestselling books include The Rainbow Onion: the Transformative Power of Color Thinking, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential; WTF?!? I Still Believe this Sh*t? and Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis!

About Color Thinking

Color Thinking is a new modality that’s incredibly effective, easy and enjoyable for making the changes you want to make.

It combines the language of color with the most current techniques in thought work from neuroscience, personal development and coaching specialties.

It works by leveraging your brain’s huge capacity for visual processing, embedding and supporting your new choices at the conscious and subconscious level.

About The Rainbow Onion

The Rainbow Onion is the process for applying Color Thinking to a layer that you want to work on.

The rainbow part is pretty obvious.

The onion part, well – we all have layers. As soon as we work through one, we discover that there’s another one right below. And when it’s freshly peeled, it can be intense. Sometimes there are tears.

Almost everything savory can be improved with an onion!