Green thinking is expansive

And now, let’s get into some green thinking.

Are you feeling like your life is out of balance? Are you thinking that you don’t have enough options? Are you feeling trapped or confined? Maybe there’s conflict – like conflicting priorities, desires, beliefs? You just can’t seem to make a decision? Maybe you’re confined by overwhelm? Green with envy over what someone else has?

Green thinking is what you need, my friend.

Imagine a large meadow in the springtime. Green grass is growing everywhere you look.  The meadow is full of potential in so many ways. Will there be wildflowers? What color, what kind?  Is there a stream flowing here? Where? How do you want to be with the meadow? Which way do you want to go? Do you want to walk, skip, run? Saunter? Sit? Nap?

That’s where you put your brain for green thinking. When you are caught up in the details, the overwhelm, the conflicts, the indecisiveness – go to green thinking.

Green thinking is expansive. It’s panoramic awareness.

Green thinking is stepping back and looking for balance in the BIG picture, in your life.  What’s really important? What will bring you balance?

In the big picture, what do you really want? Then look at your options in that light. Make one decision at a time. Choose one priority. Resolve one conflict at a time.

Green thinking is expansive. Green thinking is making space for what is really true for you, for what allows you to grow.

Green thinking is panoramic awareness.  Green thinking is directional, not detailed. Green thinking is strategic and freeing.

Green thinking creates balance and room for love.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie



  1. Katherine September 28, 2019 at 8:55 am

    This is my current favorite posting! They are all excellent, however this one resonated on so many levels. As a young adult you think life is full of possibilities and then as time goes on with increasing responsibilities it feels like building blocks stacked to the ceiling obscuring that peripheral, panoramic view. Thank you for panoramic perspective, and that magical thinking exists.


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