Do I have enough time?

Are you in a hurry? Why? Do you think that you don’t have enough time, or that you’re already behind? Is it almost too late? Is it too late? FOMO? Catching up? Do you think most things in life are a race that you’re losing?

Sometimes being in a hurry can feel like a good thing, especially when you are eager and anticipating. Sometimes it feels like that little kick of motivation that you need to get started or to keep going.

But mostly being in a hurry doesn’t feel like a good thing – and it isn’t. You rush, you skip over things, you multi-task. You aren’t present now because you’re too focused on when. There’s an uncomfortable sense of urgency like…well, you’re driving and you’re late but you really have to pee. And it’s really, really stressful. It feels like a constant sprint to the finish line – except the line keeps moving.

What if it isn’t a sprint at all? What if you’re just in it for the long game, and you don’t need to worry about the finish line?

It isn’t a race. You have plenty of time.

How do you feel when you think that thought? I have plenty of time. Isn’t that expansive? Luxurious? Abundant, even?

We hear the phrase time is money all the time. Usually, that prompts us to go into scarcity mode. So we seek immediate gratification and false pleasure because we believe that we’d better grab it while we can.

But what if time is the ocean in which we all live?

Take care of it, yes – lovingly. Swim in it? Float, dive, play in it? Fish in it? Travel in it? Yes to all that.

If we’re in it for the long haul, we can take the time we need to make the right decisions and do the right things for us. We can seek our own evolution and long term well-being.

If we have all the time we need, we don’t need to be so harsh on ourselves. One little mistake isn’t a crisis or mean that we are doomed to failure. We have time to try something different. We have time to learn.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,

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