what if the change bug bites?

Every so often, we’re all bitten by the change bug.

Something’s gotta change.

Maybe we get tired of feeling lazy or still, so we decide to change it by getting in shape or doing a triathlon or just adding in some stretching.

Maybe we get tired of stepping around all the things in our office so we decide to declutter.

Maybe we decide it’s time to change jobs, or houses, or cities, or hair color or heck, maybe just the color of our house. The types of changes are infinite.

We need something new. That change bug, it itches when it bites.

Much of the time we spend resisting change. We have to be brought along, involved, coaxed, convinced, maybe even coerced. I should know. Change management was always a huge part of my career.

But when the change bug bites, we WANT change. It’s a good thing, I think. It’s an indication that it’s time to grow. We’re bored and we’re growing out of our current container. We need a bigger life. We need a different experience, new challenges, a fresh vista or perspective.

Sure, sure, sure. We don’t always make the best choices. But remember, we can choose again.

So when you get the itch to change, it may mean that you’re ready to expand. Who do you want to grow into being?

I’m making a big change right now. I quit one day job (I kept the coaching, don’t worry) to make time for something new. I am going to play with writing fiction. Actually, I am doing it already, not just “going to do it.” I’ve been intimidated by writing fiction always, and I’m ready not to be intimidated. I love who I am when I’m a writer, but I’m bored with non-fiction. So…I’m borning a novel. It’s hard and fun and it is definitely changing me and the way I write. It’s a totally different process for me and I know I’m expanding. It’s that totally engulfing, amazing and entrancing kind of fun.

What kind of change would be that kind of fun for you?

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love, and light in the pages,


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