It Isn’t Rocket Surgery!

I love to mix my metaphors. I do it all the time. I especially like this mixed up metaphor, which has been attributed to various sources. I like to believe that it’s originally from David Lee Roth.  I mean, you can’t say “brain science” because that IS a thing. I mean, that would make sense.

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One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Relieve Anxiety

This week, this month (this year?) has been a wild, anxiety inducing ride. I’ve noticed myself falling back into an old and very uncomfortable pattern – checking every 15 minutes to find out if something new and alarming has happened.  Have there been any new developments? I happen to live in the California wine country,

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‘maybe’ is my magic word right now

I wrote a really fun blog this weekend. It was all polished up and scheduled and ready to go out by Sunday afternoon. Then, Sunday night there were the emergency alerts coming in fast and furious on the phone.  Evacuations. Fast moving fires. Deja frickin’ vu. At this point, I’m okay but several of my

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Are you putting your life is on hold?

I was just going along this week, doing my stuff and I noticed that I heard multiple people say something like “my life is on hold” or “I want my life back” or “I’ll do it when this is over.” In fact, I heard it enough times to consider it a sign, so I’m addressing

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Are we quantumly entangled?

I wanna build on part of the topic from last week’s post, specifically polarization. To quote myself (I know, I know) “Polarization is when we perceive people who disagree with us as our enemy. Polarization happens as a result of stress and fear.” I’ve been reading about quantum entanglement. I’m not a quantum physicist (duh).

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harmony isn’t just one note

That’s right, harmony isn’t made up of just one note. When I think about the music that I love, it’s made up of lush, complex harmonies. Different voices. Different instruments. I especially like crunchy, contemporary music that has a bit of discord and resolution. The discord makes the resolution even sweeter. I also like a

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Hey, it’s YOUR scorecard!

Last weekend, I was talking to Jordan, responding to a simple question: “What did you do this weekend?” I listed all the chores I had done (our joke is that I can that relaxing) and started coming up with excuses for the things I hadn’t done. “But I did extra laundry, so that should count

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are you taking care of yourself?

How are you doing? How are you treating my friend? We’ve all been living in an extended period of hyper-vigilance, stress and anxiety. It’s different than the kind of stress we were used to in the “before” times.  It’s super important to make the time to take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual health

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is this like time travel?

I love reading stories about time travel – backwards and forwards in time. I wondered what it would be like going back in time, when the pleasures were simpler, the days were less harried and hurried, when people made most of their own food, had to wait longer than overnight shipping for things that they

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About Maggie

Maggie Huffman is the founder of The Rainbow Onion and Color Thinking. She is an author, coach, and singer. She’s also a consultant in the wine industry.  She’s had several previous careers, which make up a colorful patchwork quilt of experiences – and she’ll readily pull from any of them to make a point, help a client or mix a metaphor. She lives in Sonoma, California (hey, someone has to do it!) where if she isn’t working or playing in the afore-mentioned arenas, she fills the spaces with other random interests. She is literally surrounded by her German shepherd, Nic, and her two cats, Bimfee and Puppy. Her favorite color is any shade of purple. She stubbornly believes that life is good, and that reconciliation and healing are pretty much the same thing. 

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