Are you putting your life is on hold?

I was just going along this week, doing my stuff and I noticed that I heard multiple people say something like “my life is on hold” or “I want my life back” or “I’ll do it when this is over.”

In fact, I heard it enough times to consider it a sign, so I’m addressing it here.

Here’s an ugly fact: our lives are not on hold. This is our life now.

What we really mean, I think, is “I don’t get to live my life the way I want.” Absolutely true. We might be able to argue that it’s always been true, but it’s really extreme now.

There are things getting in the way of living the way we want to live, no question about it. But if we choose to put everything on hold, we are choosing to be a victim – because we won’t get this time back.

There are alternatives. Maybe they aren’t perfect. Here’s an example:

One of my relatives had scheduled her wedding for this month for over a year. Along comes Covid 19 and they had to make a decision – put the wedding (and their lives) on hold or find a way to safely have a wedding and still share it with all the people they love?

They decided to go ahead. They planned to get married in Yosemite and sharing the wedding over Zoom. Then came the California fires. They had to evacuate and replan their wedding in 48 hours. And they did. Was it perfect? No. There were technical glitches and last minute changes and on and on – and it was beautiful and amazing and heart-warming and inspiring.

Okay, sure, Rebecca and Ian’s wedding story is dramatic. But geez, doesn’t it make the point? We do have some choices! Just making a choice – even if it isn’t perfect, even it if isn’t as dramatic – gives us the opportunity to feel less powerless; less like a victim of circumstance and more like we are taking our lives back.

Go ahead, be creative. Figure out a way to do something that you’ve put on hold. Turquoise is a great color to use to inspire your individual creativity!

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In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,


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