All… or something!

I heard a phrase for the first time today that just turned on the lights inside my brain. Granted, it was a dimmer switch going on slowly but it did eventually light up the whole thing.

All or something.

How fantastic is that?

Okay, here’s why it was a gradual illumination for me. I didn’t initially compare it to “all or nothing”.  Then when I did, I had to realize how deeply ingrained that phrase – all or nothing- is in my psyche.

All or nothing is such black or white thinking. Binary choices. All – give it your all, go all in. Or nothing – give up, quit, fail, you loser. All or nothing is really f’d up thinking, isn’t it? Who defines what all is, anyway? Why is all the only version of success? It’s some thinly veiled should shit, that’s for sure.

All or something isn’t either/or. It’s either/or/or as my friend Grace has taken to saying. There isn’t just one something – there are lots of things that qualify as something. There are so many options! Oooh…green thinking! Expansive!

I’m in a virtual training & race for plus sized people. We had a call this morning and the coach was talking about strategies to keep going when our brain tells us that it’s too hard and we can’t do it. One of the women on the call talked about her all or something strategy. Light bulb! Even if you know you can’t do it all today, do what you can, do something. Even if you have to stop for today, come back. Even if you have an injury, do something gentle.

I’ve used something like this for a long time…even if I’m not going to finish, I’ll at least do a little bit. I’ll just start and see what happens. To be honest, I’ve used it to try to fool myself into doing it all, so it was still based on an all or nothing mentality. So I want to switch it up, and really give this all or something strategy a try. Many days, it’s easy to do all. But when it’s not, there’s something. It’s not an excuse, it’s a strategy. I bet it’s going to feel pretty peaceful.

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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